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Tanya-Marie Dubé

Welcome to The Awakened Entrepreneur

Helping BOLD ♀️ entrepreneurs gain a deep connection to their soul's purpose & create MASSIVE impact

About Us

Hi! I'm Tanya from SheIsPowerful.Global and I'm so happy to meet you! 

I want to help you get crystal clear on the most important spiritual ingredients to grow your amazing online heart-centered business: how to have lasting, massive impact using your skills and experience, start manifesting real opportunities that lead to profit growth, grounding techniques for a clear mind and connection to your higher calling, mindset coaching to keep you on track and spiritually-aligned personal development to give you the edge above your competition.

Why You Should Join Us

We all get to a place where life starts feeling a little empty.

But why does it feel that way?

Getting deeply connected to your soul's work in this physical journey is the key to having more meaning in the work you're doing and so it comes that you start having more impact and making a bigger difference, which is what you want.

I help BOLD women entrepreneurs with heart centered businesses connect deeply to their soul’s purpose and bring it into their work.

Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, there was always that thing that was missing. 

You know what I'm talking about: a deeper connection to ourselves, a bigger reason or a higher purpose...a true calling. 

Getting through the fog and knowing why I'm here. 

I always knew that my life would be so much more fulfilling and meaningful and I'd have more reach, more impact if I could learn the essential skills to a proper entrepreneurial foundation and a soulful connection to what will truly move the needle in my life and business. 

Guess what? ...I found it! I had to climb many mountains and learn a tremendous amount of lessons, but it wasn't until I went through my divorce and truly felt called to infuse spirituality into my healing and the healing of literally hundreds of thousands of other women that everything changed. 

Come join me as you learn:

● How to up-level your relationship to yourself, your business and your audience in an authentic and unique, soul-inspired way

● Soulful sales: how to make an instant, authentic and true connection with your audience and sell without feeling sales-y

● How to incorporate subconscious spirituality into your business as a foundation

● How to tap into your gifts so that you can have the BIGGEST impact

● How to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams 

● How to radically reprogram your subconscious mind so that you stop living in fear and lack and start living in empowerment

● How to find your true soul calling and life's purpose

● Powerful business mindset coaching that will give you lasting energy throughout your day as well as give you clarity, focus, a true sense of calm so you can handle anything life throws at you

and you'll start to: 

● work with real intention and drive because of your spiritual foundation

You'll be able to:

● overcome overwhelm and 

● reconnect to your purpose

🙏 What you'll learn in the COURSE:

🌟Your Spiritual Awakening: Why are you here and what are you here to do? As a certified Beliefs Practitioner, I'll show you what a belief system is, why you have beliefs, and how your beliefs rule your life. We'll also look at your soul's calling and what you are meant to do with your life right now. We'll discover the mindset shifts and habits you need to create so that you can take your life and business to the next level and shift your negative beliefs so that you are intentionally creating the life you want to live. 

🌟Radical Reprogramming For Your Subconscious Mind: I'm giving you 28 years of my business and psychology education, coaching and personal experience about powerfully removing self-limiting ideas, negative energy, how to protect for yourself against negative energy, grounding and recalibrating your energy, and creating healthy routines to make you the strongest, most powerful version of yourself.

🌟Money Consciousness Shift: Discover your money truth. This is HUGE and will change the game for you in how you look at money and feel about money from now on. You'll have an amazing shift in the way you think about money and how you'll start to use money in your life going forward to transform your business.

🌟Your Life and Business Inventory Cleanse: Who is in your inner circle? Reexamining certain relationships and how to grow your network and you'll learn the tools to set healthy and essential boundaries so that you can become the best version of yourself. 

🌟Healing Past Trauma and Wounds: Powerful tools to discover the meaning behind what you've been through and how you are meant to use those tools in this lifetime.

🌟Spiritual Identity Shift: Who do you want to be using your gifts and moving forward in the world? What kind of legacy do you want to create? How do you want to serve your audience? What got you here isn't going to be enough to get you where you want to go. We do a deep dive into the kind of life you want to live, what your long- and short-term goals are and how to achieve them.

🌟Body, Being and Heart: Spiritual Meditation and Law of Attraction Mastery. How to meditate, what to meditate on, visualizations during meditation and how to use the law of attraction to bring all your goals to fruition.

🌟Healing Sadness and Anxiety: What does forgiveness truly mean from a spiritual perspective? What is mindfulness and how to accomplish this in your every day life. How do we practice unconditional love? You'll learn the tools you need to put this into place. An essential shift, you'll open your eyes to the truth of your own sadness and anxiety and learn why these things have happened to you. *Note: if you are feeling deeply depressed and are in need of a professional medical help, dial your local service and seek the help you need. My advice comes from a lifetime of experience and coaching, but I am not a licensed medical doctor.

🌟Your New Foundation: What do you need to do to be in complete spiritual alignment? We examine your core values, and you make an authentic commitment to yourself around what your true calling is. An exciting shift into your new world as you discover what you're willing to give up to have what you want.

🌟Soul's Calling and Life Purpose: Ooooh we dive deep to get crystal-clear clarity on the five key areas of life and how to master each one: spirituality, mind, body, relationships and work. You now know your true soul calling in this life and you'll write out your life purpose statement. You've made it!

I can't wait to see you in the community! Choose your course or membership below and choose from our monthly or annual plans.

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